The heavy use of chemicals in the growing of crops and the advent of genetically engineered foods has resulted in soil that is demineralized and overworked. Nutritional deficiencies are more common than ever, and these coupled with poor dietary choices are responsible for the development of many diseases. Poor diet and eating habits play a large role in the nation’s most common killers – coronary heart disease, stroke, artherosclerosis, diabetes and cancer. The right foods and supplements however can be used as a powerful healing tool, improving personal imbalances and maximizing vitality in each individual.

Emma has successfully incorporated nutritional counseling and supplementation into treatment plans for patients with chronic disease such as hypertension and diabetes through to those wanting to detox, maintain health or just lose weight.

Emma believes that cleansing is often the first step to wellness and she therefore works extensively with yeast, parasite and heavy metal cleanses.

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