Americans Embrace Acupuncture's Healing Power - "THURSDAY, Dec. 22 (HealthDay News) -- According to practitioners of traditional Chinese acupuncture, inserting a tiny needle into the little toe can help heal eye problems because the toe and eyes are connected via the same "meridian...." Read More


The History of Acupuncture in the West - "It is almost certain that acupuncture has been known and used in the West since the seventeenth century, but the first recorded use of acupuncture was by Dr. Berlioz at the Paris medical School in 1810. He treated a young woman suffering from abdominal pain...." Read more


Relief Right to the Point - "In most medical treatment, the words “needle” and “relaxing” don’t generally go together...." Read more


Pin Down Depression - "For many sufferers, one of the difficulties of living with depression is depending on antidepressants. Now researchers have pin pointed an old therapy as a potentially new treatment. Acupuncture, long a part of Chinese medicine, may be an effective alternative for women with low spirits...." Read more


Lowering your blood pressure with acupuncture - "Doctors and Scientists from have recently discovered Irvine University of California discovered a new method of lowering blood pressure..." - from Irvine University, California Read More


Making Menopause Work for You - "When a women enters her pre-menopausal years, her body goes through a metamorphosis. As it turned out for 47-year-old artist Aleta Braun, that physical transformation was a self-awakening and a lesson about respect for her health. In essence, she's learning to listen to and understand the wisdom of her body..." Read more


Acupuncture and Allergies - "A person can be allergic to anything, including oneself. What does this mean - that you break out in hives in your own presence? Not usually. It is possible to be allergic to your own body chemicals: hormones, neurotransmitters, even your own DNA! According to Dr. Devi Nambudripad, founder of NAET, you can be allergic to any part of your own body..." Read more


Acupuncture and Back Pain - "Research carried out in 2002 indicated that almost 80% of the world’s population would suffer from some kind of back pain with lower back pain being the most common type. In addition to the high rate of incidence, back pain is also known to have a high rate of recurrence in patients. With patients trying everything from over the counter painkillers to physiotherapy to gain relief from back pain, Acupuncture comes as a welcome change..." Read more

Acupuncture Therapy for Paralysis Due to Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis - "An acupuncture combination method has been used during the past three years to treat paralysis due to stroke and multiple sclerosis (15 stroke patients and 40 victims of multiple sclerosis). This method involved the traditional acupuncture of "Tien-Hsin Twelve Points" or "Ma Dan Yang's Points" and the use of cerebral acupuncture points. The results obtained for this acupuncture combination method show that recovery begins much faster than cases reported in the past where only traditional acupuncture was applied. Also, various chronic neurological conditions such as retrobulbar optic neuritis, bladder control difficulties, transient weakness, sexual impotence etc., were rapidly improved, sometimes even after the first few acupuncture treatments. ..." Read more

Acupuncture can relieve arthritis pain
- "According to a new study, acupuncture significantly reduces pain and improves function in those suffering osteoarthritis of the knee. .." Read more


Acupuncture Provides Pain Relief for Many Patients - "Acupuncture is an ancient practice in which very fine needles are inserted into the skin at strategic points on the body to relieve pain and treat disease. The Chinese developed acupuncture centuries ago in accordance with the theory that energy flows through channels between the surface of the body and internal organs..." Read more


Acupuncture may help tame tension headaches - "German researchers tested acupuncture on 270 adults with tension headaches. Some patients got traditional acupuncture. Others got "minimal" acupuncture, with needles placed superficially at nonacupuncture points. A third group went on a wait list for acupuncture..." Read more

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